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We may still be building our new website, but we're already here to help you achieve your goals.

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Founded by a “trio” (Tree0) of healthcare marketing professionals and a clean-tech entrepreneur, we are a healthcare marketing and branding agency that helps you achieve your company milestones.
TreeO’s milestone-specific marketing packages take the uncertainty out of which marketing activities are needed to achieve your key milestones, while saving time, money and stress along the way.
TreeO by the numbers:

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What is a marketing mission?

A marketing mission is a strategic milestone that your company sets for itself that we can help you achieve through focused, targeted, milestone-specific marketing. We call them marketing missions because companies have strategic goals they need to achieve along the road to success. No one creates a business plan that defines strategic goals called branding, SEO, or blogging. These are just the marketing tools that are used in different combinations to achieve a larger company goal - or milestone. That's why we focus on completing marketing missions - raising funding, event participation, new product launch, new market launch, and more - because that's what really matters: achieving the milestones that will help your company progress and ultimately accomplish its higher mission.

We make your company milestones happen

Whether you are raising investor funds, launching a new product or service, entering a new market, participating at a tradeshow or event, or need to generate new leads quickly – TreeO’s been there.  


Our carefully designed milestone-specific marketing packages comprise the optimal combination of marketing platforms, channels, tactics and timing – each specifically chosen, designed, combined, and executed with a specific milestone in mind – in order to successfully achieve your goal.


We’ve been there and seen what works


Having founded our own startups and managed dozens of healthcare marketing campaigns, we bring extensive healthcare marketing experience combined with a big-picture understanding of the milestones a company needs to progress.

It’s not just a job, it’s our passion


We believe that by helping healthcare companies successfully achieve their milestones, we are enabling life-changing products and innovations to be brought to market. By partnering with you, together we can make a difference – creating a healthier and better world.

New Product Launch - "Look What We Made"


TreeO’s "Look What We Made" package does your new product launch planning and execution for you, getting your product in front of the “right” opinion leaders and influencers before the launch, while leveraging early post-launch momentum to accelerate market adoption.  

Brand Positioning - "Never Stop Moving"


Our milestone-specific marketing packages are specifically designed to achieve your goals.

New Market Entry - "New Horizons"

TreeO's "New Horizons" new market launch package ensures you are prepared before your market launch, executes the launch as you make the move, and doesn't let up during the follow-up stages - ensuring you achieve the desired results and meet your market expansion milestone.

New Investment Round - "Get Funded"

TreeO's “Get Funded!” investment package gets you in front of the right investor at the right time. We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus your valuable time and resources on continuing to grow your company while closing the investment deal.

Conference / Event Participation - "Work The Room"


Own-Event Lead Generation - "Spotlight On You"



Marketing know-how


​Over 50 years combined marketing, branding and business development experience means we have seen what works

Motivated to succeed


 Everything we do – including our partially success-based biz model - is aimed at delivering your milestone so you make an impact

Been in your shoes


We have run startups and small businesses so our milestone-specific marketing packages include exactly what you need



Our dedicated and approachable team listens, challenges and engages with you

Global network


We leverage our extensive marketing network to get you in front of the right people at the right time

Healthcare Specialists


Our healthcare experience means we understand & speak your language, while keeping up-to-date with ever-changing market trends

Language should never be a barrier


As native English speakers, we also make a special effort to work with non-native-English-speaking healthcare companies. We want to ensure language is not a barrier so that amazing ideas, products, and services – wherever they may come from – benefit us all.


Ian Kaplan, CEO & Partner


Born in South Africa and raised in the USA, Ian brings significant experience and understanding in initiating and building startups and new ventures. In his early career, he was the CEO & co-founder of a cleantech startup, turning an idea into a functioning company. Later, Ian served as VP Business Development at a healthcare startup, and provided marketing/business consultancy to small businesses.  As a father of 2, he is passionate about bodyweight exercise, and creating a healthier and better world – this was why he founded his startup!  


Daniel Berliner MBA, VP Brand Strategist & Partner


Daniel founded and ran the leading Israeli healthcare-specialist, visual design agency, Berliner Design since 2006. He has previously worked for well-known brand and design agencies. After working on tens of successful healthcare marketing campaigns, he brings the know-how and strategic thinking to deliver creative solutions that generate results. And he does this by drinking a lot of expressos!

Viki Gronau MBA, VP Marketing & Partner


Born and raised in the UK, Viki brings nearly 20 years of international business and marketing experience. She has worked in diverse roles in both the healthcare and internet sector, including for the global leaders AstraZeneca and WPP. For the last four years, she has run her own marketing communications business, providing the compelling messages and marketing tactics to help healthcare startups achieve their goals. She holds an MBA and a BSc. in Pharmacology and her favorite pastime is to swim!

Talk with us to see how we can help achieve your company goals.