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"Work The Room" Event Participation Package
Why did we create this package?

Launching a new product can be a critical – and nerve-racking – event for a business. If the launch is successful, it can open new revenue streams, take you into new markets and raise your company to the next level. However, poor planning – often due to not knowing which particular marketing activities to do pre-launch versus post-launch – is one of the main reasons product launches fail.  

How can we help?

We create interest and engender confidence in your product through strong branding and engaging messaging throughout all your touchpoints. Our integrated marketing activities identify opinion leaders and influencers, as well as generate targeted pre- and post-launch leads, by increasing your company’s online exposure in industry-relevant social and digital media.

What you get

New brand look & engaging product story: TreeO researches your market and competitors to create and craft a compelling visual product story. This includes a company overview & 20-slide (max) sales deck for distributors, a product brochure for clinicians with supporting case studies and a white paper (up to 10 pages). 


An effective online presence: TreeO creates/ optimizes your website, social media company and personal profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) to ensure you have consistent brand messaging targeted at potential distributors and customers across all online touchpoints. 

Lead generation: TreeO raises product exposure through:

  • Sharing bi-monthly product content including case studies, clinician & patient sound-bites, associated product news and events through your company and personal social media profiles

  • Writing monthly blog articles about your product field to capture the attention of thought leaders and potential distributors

  • Crafting timely and relevant PR stories (every 2-3-months) and disseminating through online news distributors

  • Compiling targeted thought leader and distributor lists while using Linkedin to help you connect with influencers and new potential distributors.


Converting leads into interested distributors & clinicians: TreeO creates the marketing infrastructure to help you convert existing leads into interested audiences:

  • Creating or optimizing your CRM to capture and better manage the lead funnel

  • Running email campaigns and crafting news letters to share important company/product news and to communicate potential upcoming conferences & roadshows to set-up invaluable face-to-face distributor/customer meetings.